Saturday, 13 November 2010

Santas Helper

I have been working on this little guy for some time now. I had to make him ready to travle with me to the show in Sheffield.
As you can see, he is Santas helper....his Christmas sack is all packed with presents for all the young teddy bears.
I haven´t named him yet so the poor thing is without name for now. But he will be available for adoption at "The Great Teddybear Show".

Well there are still things to be done before next weekend so I better go and do that...
Have a wonderful weekend!



Martina said...

Santa's little helper is great - I love him!!!
Probably you could call him "Jul-ius"... ;-)


Ann-Marie Dodd said...

Hello! I am glad that you liked him and the name isn´t too bad...maybe that will be his name!


Katy Cameron said...

So glad you were able to get one more creation in, and with such detail too!

Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Oh I love him, can't wait to see him in the 'fur' next week! Wish I had the money to buy him!
Have a good trip over, see you there.
Elanor x

Ann-Marie Dodd said...

Thank you Katy and Elanor! It is going to great to see you both! :D