Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Very tired and very happy

I arrived home late last night and after spending 4 days in London I was glad to be back.
It has been an amazing trip and the Hugglets show was such a wonderful show. I meet a lot of collectors which I think is so nice to do! And so many of you came and said hello, I love that.
As I said I had a wonderful show and I am SO HAPPY to say that I had a sell out!!!!
I can´t believe it and I am so greatful to everyone that likes my bears. Some of you adopted not just one bear but two!!!
I just have to say a big thank you to all off you that adopted my bears, I couldn´t do what I love most to do if it wasn´t for all off you.....so thank you!
I am so pleased too about the response I got off my new collection" old and loved" ones. I have now made a decision that I will create a new blog with my "old and loved" ones and sell the creations there. I will link both my blogs to each other so you can easily find them.
I have so many ideas for this so please look out for my new blog! Of course there will be a blog give away too!!! So look out!

First I have to make some bears that have been ordered. And there will be new bears on my website too as soon as possible, it looks a bit empty at the moment. The hours in the day isn´t enough for me....

But I will get back to work straight away and hopefully it won´t take to long before you see a new BearMeToo bear!