Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A blog award!

My blog has recieved a "Uber Amazing Blog Award". It is the lovely Claudia over at Federbärchen that has nominated me and my blog with this nice award. Thank you so much Claudia!
Claudia makes the most beautiful bears so don´t forget to pop over and check out her blog and bears!
It has made me so happy and proud to get this award. To think that some one out there likes to visit my world and read about my work and creations, that has made my day!!!

I would like to pass this Award on to some ones that I like to read about on there blogs! I admire them for their creativity and amusing blogs.

So here they are:
Tammy- Beckoning Bears
Tami- Dolls N Dreams
Sue- Fenbeary Folk
Elanor- Shantock Bears
Melanie- Bear Treasures


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I love...

I am working really hard to finnish all the bears that are going with me to the Hugglets Show in London. I love this show so much and it is sooo exciting to go there every time. To see all the lovely teddy bears and all the mohair you can buy....
And of course to meet all the poeple that are there, it is such a friendly atmospher.
I love when some one comes up to me and talks about bears as there are not many here where I live I can tell you...
The bear industry hardly exist in Sweden and that is such a shame I think. People doesn´t know what they are missing here, hi, hi...
Well I have to get back to my bears so please have a nice evening!


Saturday, 25 July 2009

My holiday...

As I told you in the earlier post I have been on holiday in England. You might know all ready that my husband is English so we went to visit his parents and the rest of the family. I really love England and I feel like at home when ever we go there. So we had a really nice time and we did a lot too (well if I can include shopping in that?).... And NO my husband doesn´t like it!

I love to do shopping in England, the shops has a lot more to choose between so it is more fun then in Sweden. The shops that I like the best is Next and Monsoon and they both had a sale on!!! Lucky me!!
I have never been to the Next sale before and I couldn´t believe that it started 5 in the morning. But I put the alarm on 5.30 and I was there at 6 0´clock all ready to put my hands on some nice things.
And I did too, a nice jacket and a handbag, a woman can never have to many handbags...
Isn´t that so???

Shopping wasn´t all we did, we went to the Twycross Zoo and a park called Coombe Abbey. It was so nice there and of course I forgot my camera so I can´t show you any pictures, sorry.....
But we had a nice day at both places and we were very lucky with the weather. It was rain most days but those days we did see the sun!

I bought some new mohair as well so I have to start sewing now after this break. Well it is back to work again on Monday for me but I will keep you posted as there are two big shows coming up soon.....
I hope you will have a nice Sunday!


I am back!

I haven´t been posting for some time now because I have been on holiday. But I am back now and I will tell you all about it as soon as I have unpacked and done some washing. I feel that I have to sort it out first as it is soooo much.
But I promise I will be back on the computer later today.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Teddy Bear Times!

I was asked by editor Kirste McCool some time ago if she could do an artist profile of me and my bears in the English magazine Teddy Bear Times...
Who would say no to that?? NOT ME!!! I was over the moon that she wanted to do a profile, and I am now in the latest issue 183. I know that the magazine isn´t out in the shops yet but those of you that subscribe to the i-mag has proberbly read it.

I am so happy to cover 5 pages and I hope that you enjoy reading it.
There are some of my Teddy bears too in the Hugglets preview pages but there will be more preview pictures of them later here on my blog. I am not sure just yet WHEN I will put the pictures up so you will have to come back and see. September is coming fast and there are still so much to do I just hope I will finnish everything in time.

As you know there will be a show on the 5-6th of September: Who is who in Bearmaking so please mark your calender for that....
Have a great week!


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ava is a cover-girl!

I am so happy to see Ava on the front page of the German i-mag; Teddy bear News.
I think she looks so cute...
This is my little time in the spotlight,yyyhheee.


Monday, 6 July 2009

Joshua is here!

Let me show you my latest creation!!! His name is Joshua and he is a new design with an opened mouth...

I am very happy with my new design and I hope you like him too.

Joshua is wearing a scarf made of linen that is old a wrinkled... and his feet has been needle schulpted.

Joshua is filled with plastic pellets in his tummy to give him that nice weight. The rest of his body is filled with heavy weight polyester.
You can get his details on my website if you are intersted in Joshua.


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Ven, a beautiful island!

I went with my family to this beautiful island called Ven and it is located between Sweden and Denmark. It only takes about 30 minutes with the boat and the only way you can get round the island is on a bike.

The weather is ssssooo warm at the moment so going there was such a joy. I absolute love Ven and going on the bikes is so much fun. The water and the nature is breath taking and you can spend days there and still not get bored.

We have been here before but we love to come back every summer and now we are taking about maybe getting a cottage next summer and stay longer than a day.

I hope that you can see from the photos how nice it is here and the water is all blue and green.

I only have a day left now to work and after that I have 3 weeks holiday. With it being so warm I have to focus on making bears and September is going to be here sooner then I want, aaahhh...

Well I think I will have time to relax a little and still make bears. The summer in Sweden isn´t that long so I have to enjoy the most of that too....


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Please put a vote on Norah...

Norah is competing in the Bears and Buds competition, category 3. Please put your vote on her if you got the time. I am really exciting about this as I haven´t done many competitions in the past. Fingers crossed....

I really appreciate it if you take the time.