Friday, 22 January 2010

Feeling a bit....

This has not been a good week at all.....I wasn´t sure if I should bring it up as I am feeling a bit down at the moment. But I hope that you can put up with me for a minute or two.^^

What happened is this: I ordered bear supplies in the end off last year. Everything was sent out to me 2 days after and I have been waiting for my parcel since then. The thing is that is all I have been doing...waiting. It has been more then 3 weeks now and still nothing in the post. So it looks like the parcel has gone missing!!!!

And I needed it to do my bears for the show coming up in February....
So can you see why I am a bit upset?
Believe it or not this is the second time the post service is letting me down as I ordered bear supplies from the same company 2 years ago. And that parcel disappeared into a black zone then too. How big is the chance of this happening twice to the same person????

Well that is how lucky I am.....
So I hope that I will be able to finish everythig of anyway, but it is just annoying that I have been waiting for something in vain.

So, sorry for writing this post but I just had to get it of my chest.
Feeling better? Maybe a little bit...but just a tiny bit....for now.