Monday, 30 August 2010

Oh no....

It is going to be some busy months for me now. It hit me today that we are in the end of August....beginning of Septemeber...and that means, only about 4 month to Christmas!
I need more time, 4 month feels so little.

I have 2 shows in November to prepare for, one online and one in Sheffield, UK.
I was contacted some time ago from a company (Australia) raising money for cancer. They wondered if I would be interested in doing a charity bear for them. Yes of course, so watch out for this anybody living down under.

Then there is the Hugglets show in February next year. I will not be going over for the show now in September, I wish I was, but there is just not enough time for me to do that show too. Sorry...
So, can you see that I am going to be a busy bee until Christmas (and a bit after)!
But I love to make my bears so I don´t mind. I just hope that I will have every thing done in time! LOL