Sunday, 31 January 2010

Something new and pink!

I have made 2 Valentines ornament that I think turned out so sweet....

They are so cute that I have to make on for myself too when I get more time...^^

Anyway you can read more on my website where they are up for adotion and I do hope that you like them!

Have a nice evening!


Friday, 29 January 2010

Not again!

Oh I feel quite poorly at the moment. I woke up 2 days ago with a blocked nose and a headache.

Not good to have a cold when you got a million things to do. So I have been eating loats of vitamins lately trying to cure myself quickly.
I have still gone to work but it doesn´t feel nice working in a shop when you are like this...all I want to do is go to bed and sleep.
But I hope this will past fast as I haven´t got time to be ill at all.

Some good news is that there will be something going up for adoption on my website soon. This is a new creation and perhaps not what you expect but I do hope that you will like it.....

I better get some rest now so I can show you what I have been up to.:D


Monday, 25 January 2010

I haven´t forgotten...

Isn´t this picture SO sweet?? I just had to share it with you all.

I don´t know if you remember that I said that it was about time I had a blog give away?
Well, I haven´t forgotten about it. It is just that the 2 shows coming up soon are taking most of my time so it looks like you have to wait until I get back from the Hugglets show....
Sorry about that but there isn´t enough hours in a day for me^^.

I want to remind you as well about the "BE MY VALENTINE" show that is coming up on the 13th of February. You can see my preview on the side bar. I really hope that you will come and join us!!!

I will have a preview too with the bears that I am taking with me to the show in London. I just don´t know when that will be yet. But I will let you know when it is coming up. You can join my mailing list too if you want to have that information in your inbox.
Ta, ta for now.


Friday, 22 January 2010

Feeling a bit....

This has not been a good week at all.....I wasn´t sure if I should bring it up as I am feeling a bit down at the moment. But I hope that you can put up with me for a minute or two.^^

What happened is this: I ordered bear supplies in the end off last year. Everything was sent out to me 2 days after and I have been waiting for my parcel since then. The thing is that is all I have been doing...waiting. It has been more then 3 weeks now and still nothing in the post. So it looks like the parcel has gone missing!!!!

And I needed it to do my bears for the show coming up in February....
So can you see why I am a bit upset?
Believe it or not this is the second time the post service is letting me down as I ordered bear supplies from the same company 2 years ago. And that parcel disappeared into a black zone then too. How big is the chance of this happening twice to the same person????

Well that is how lucky I am.....
So I hope that I will be able to finish everythig of anyway, but it is just annoying that I have been waiting for something in vain.

So, sorry for writing this post but I just had to get it of my chest.
Feeling better? Maybe a little bit...but just a tiny bit....for now.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

I miss you!

When will you come back? You know that I can´t wait for your return....
It has been so long now since I felt the warm breeze on my face. And to see what you can do to with all the growing plants every spring...

I can´t wait to see all the colours and the fresh start I know that you can do wonders with the grass, trees and flowers.
I know that it is only January and that I have to be patient for a few more months before you come. But please hurry and come soon..

I want to walk in the woods and hear the birds sing there happy song; spring is here!
I can´t wait for your arrival dear friend of mine....please hurry back to me.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sneak peek!

Here are the bears, well you can only see a part of them until the show starts... ;0)
I hope that you like the sneak peek and that you will join us on the 2 days that the show is running.
I have had so much fun doing them and are of course very nervous if you will like them when the show opens....
If you want to know more about the show please click on the post on the sidebar


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Go and see!

You just have to check this out! Linda Benson at Benson Bears is have a blog give away, I am so in love with her bears and I was the lucky swap partner at Christmas. You might remember the ornament that I got from her in an earlier post.
Please go to Lindas blog and read all about it.
I am keeping my fingers crossed as hard as I can!^^


Monday, 11 January 2010

Oh no has come to time to go from 39 over to 40 years old. Feeling happy about it? NO! Want to go back to the comfort of being 39? Yes please! Starting to be depressed about taking the step over to 40? Hmm...not yet. (Isn´t it men that usually get depressed about that?)
Well isn´t that bad really ( I hope). I don´t feel old and they say that you are only as old as you feel!
I have a wonderful husband that has given me a wonderful present. And I have a wonderful family and lots of friends that have celebrathed the day with me. What more can I ask for?!
I am a happy person that just has to get used to being 40. Hopefully it won´t take that long... :D.
Wishing you a wondeful day too!


Friday, 8 January 2010

Back to normal soon

The days are just flying by for me. If I am not at work I am doing my bears and then there are so much to do with the kids and family. At least the children are going back to school on Monday so it will proberbly go back to normal again after that.
It is still SO cold here, I think today it will be -11 outside! And that is cold for where I live! I better stay inside today...

Well, I have now finished all the bears that is going to be on the Valetine Show in February. I think that I will put together the sneak peak next week so pop back here if you want to have a look...
Then I am working on all the bears that are going to travel with me to London soon as well. So you can see that I am busy bee.
I have been think that it is time that I have a blog give away too sometime. But I am not sure at the moment when so you will have to wait on that I am afraid.
So long for now!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

I have been crafting

I hope you had a nice New Years Eve! I stayed at home with some friends and the year started with a cold for me... Well it isn´t so bad and I will proberbly be feeling a bit better soon.
In a past post I told you about something that I had been doing between my bears. I was doing it as I love crafting in different ways and I wanted a scarf for my self. Especially now when it is -10 C in the south of Sweden where I live......
I didn´t take the picture with me as I didn´t think that you wanted to see such a red nose. ;0)

It is really nice and warm and I love the colours in it.

I have my birthday coming up really soon and we were supposed to go away somewhere as I am turning 40. I do´t feel that old( is it old?) but my husband jokes saying that he soon has to turn me in for 2 20 year old instead. Well HE thinks it is funny anyway.
But it is not the time of the year to be travelling so we have to put that off for the spring or summer instead. Something to look forward to.
Have a nice day!