Thursday, 3 December 2009


December is here and we have light the first of four candles before Christmas, we do that when it is 4 Sundays before Christmas Eve.

Everthing is going so fast now in this month and there are so much to do. I have started to put some decorations up but there are going to be so much more before I am done...
We have not got any snow yet, but it is so cold that it could snow if it wanted to. For me it can wait until Christmas Eve but all the children wants it now...;0)

An other thing that I am SO HAPPY about is that I am featured in a dutch magazine! Yaahhhyy!!!
It is the "Poppen & Teddy- Beer" magazine nr. 86 from Holland. The editor for the magazine contacted me some time ago and asked to do an articel and I got my issue yesterday and I am so pleased with it. A big thank you to Nico!
Well, I have to get back to do some more bears and get a cup of tea....
Have a nice day!