Thursday, 3 September 2009

The last bear for Hugglets

This is the last bear that I have done for the Hugglets Show. I am so pleased with the way he came out, he is absolute one of my favorites. The photo came out well too as I took the photo yesterday when the sun was out.

Today it is cloudy and the rain is coming down, this means that the summer is over for this year and autumn is here.
You can really see the changes in the trees and feel that the air is different. The days are starting to become shorter as well and it is darker longer in the mornings...
I always feel a bit sad thinking that the summer is over, don´t know why, maybe because winter is so long here. And I am not that keen of the winter! Well that is just the way things are but do you feel the same when the weather changes?

Enough about that and positive thinking!!!!!I have decided that this bear is going to be one out of two. I have never done a bear before that is two the same but I am so happy with this chap that I will do it with him.
I am glad that all the bears are done so I can start to concentrat on my bags now.
So many thing to do before Hugglets but I hope that I will have one or two days to relax before I get on the plan....