Sunday, 1 November 2009

It was wonderful!

Well, I am back again and did we have a nice time???? YES!!!!!
As you probarbly know me and my husband went to a spa a bit up in Sweden. It took about 2 hours to drive there but the time went fast. We arrived at 4 o´clock yesterday and I couldn´t wait to get in the water...
It was so nice and warm and not too many people either. I like swiming and I think I did it for an hour...or more....Then we had a drink next to the pool and it was relaxing just sitting there doing nothing.
We had a nice dinner in the evening and we dressed up and it felt special doing that. (We don´t get out very often LOL). But the food was lovely and they even played live music in the backround.
Today in the morning we had a massage and I loved it! After that we walked on the beach as the spa is located on a beach. The wind was cold but it was still really nice!
Then we went to the pool to swim some more before it was time to drive home again, even though I could have stayed problem!

I enjoyed this weekend so much and going to the spa was everything I hoped for. I am all relaxed now and I feel so good!
Our children were happy to see us again and they have now decided that next they are coming as well!!!!!