Sunday, 3 January 2010

I have been crafting

I hope you had a nice New Years Eve! I stayed at home with some friends and the year started with a cold for me... Well it isn´t so bad and I will proberbly be feeling a bit better soon.
In a past post I told you about something that I had been doing between my bears. I was doing it as I love crafting in different ways and I wanted a scarf for my self. Especially now when it is -10 C in the south of Sweden where I live......
I didn´t take the picture with me as I didn´t think that you wanted to see such a red nose. ;0)

It is really nice and warm and I love the colours in it.

I have my birthday coming up really soon and we were supposed to go away somewhere as I am turning 40. I do´t feel that old( is it old?) but my husband jokes saying that he soon has to turn me in for 2 20 year old instead. Well HE thinks it is funny anyway.
But it is not the time of the year to be travelling so we have to put that off for the spring or summer instead. Something to look forward to.
Have a nice day!