Saturday, 25 July 2009

My holiday...

As I told you in the earlier post I have been on holiday in England. You might know all ready that my husband is English so we went to visit his parents and the rest of the family. I really love England and I feel like at home when ever we go there. So we had a really nice time and we did a lot too (well if I can include shopping in that?).... And NO my husband doesn´t like it!

I love to do shopping in England, the shops has a lot more to choose between so it is more fun then in Sweden. The shops that I like the best is Next and Monsoon and they both had a sale on!!! Lucky me!!
I have never been to the Next sale before and I couldn´t believe that it started 5 in the morning. But I put the alarm on 5.30 and I was there at 6 0´clock all ready to put my hands on some nice things.
And I did too, a nice jacket and a handbag, a woman can never have to many handbags...
Isn´t that so???

Shopping wasn´t all we did, we went to the Twycross Zoo and a park called Coombe Abbey. It was so nice there and of course I forgot my camera so I can´t show you any pictures, sorry.....
But we had a nice day at both places and we were very lucky with the weather. It was rain most days but those days we did see the sun!

I bought some new mohair as well so I have to start sewing now after this break. Well it is back to work again on Monday for me but I will keep you posted as there are two big shows coming up soon.....
I hope you will have a nice Sunday!


I am back!

I haven´t been posting for some time now because I have been on holiday. But I am back now and I will tell you all about it as soon as I have unpacked and done some washing. I feel that I have to sort it out first as it is soooo much.
But I promise I will be back on the computer later today.