Sunday, 22 August 2010


Has Autumn come already? Are the days getting shorter, darker and is it raining more?
Doesn´t it feel a little bit colder?
I think it does....

When I walk in the woods I can hear the changes in the birds song and the colours on the leaves from the trees are not so green, they are changing too.
The sun doesn´t shine as strong in the evenings anymore.

But please don´t get me wrong....I do like Autumn. I love all the wonderful colours in the nature, the cosiness I have on the sofa with all the candles burning when the rain is pouring down outside.

But at the same time I can´t help getting a bit down knowing it is going to be some time before spring will knock on my door again.
For now...I am going to enjoy the last of the suns warmth before it is time to say goodbye to the summer for this time.

Have a wonderful sunny day!