Monday, 29 November 2010

It has started!

The count down for Christmas has started!

I should have written this post yesterday as we lit the first of four candles yesterday, as there are now 4 Sundays before Christamas.
But I was away at a fair all day and half through the day I was starting to feel very poorly. At the end of the I felt so bad I just went to bed straight away when I got home.
But I felt a lot better this morning, well that was until I looked outside the window. It was snowing so much, AGAIN, and the forecast is saying more is still to come! Oh no!!!! We haven´t had this much snow at this time a year before so it looks like winter is here to stay for a LONG time. Sigh...
I hope you haven´t got as much snow where you live and I wish you a wonderful week! Thank you for stoping by!