Saturday, 7 August 2010

A wonderful time!

I haven´t any new bears to show you yet but there will be one available soon. As some as you know, I have been off work and on holiday. We went to the UK to see my husbands family.
We had a wonderful time and the weather wasn´t too bad....:O).
One of the places we went to was Ironbridge near Birmingham. It is truly an amazing, beautiful place with lots of factories, workshops and canals.
We didn´t have time to see it all but one place we visit was the Victorian Town, and I just loved it.
I took some photos, not so good ones, but I hope you can see all its beauty.

I went to some car boots too and found a wonderful pram from the 1920´s. I paid £5 for it and I think that was a bagin!
An other thing I found was an old box with some teddy bears on the lid, absolut I was pleased with that.

It is nice to be back though and I will start working on my bears again. All I can say for now is that I am in a pink mood, so please pop back soon for an update!