Saturday, 4 July 2009

Ven, a beautiful island!

I went with my family to this beautiful island called Ven and it is located between Sweden and Denmark. It only takes about 30 minutes with the boat and the only way you can get round the island is on a bike.

The weather is ssssooo warm at the moment so going there was such a joy. I absolute love Ven and going on the bikes is so much fun. The water and the nature is breath taking and you can spend days there and still not get bored.

We have been here before but we love to come back every summer and now we are taking about maybe getting a cottage next summer and stay longer than a day.

I hope that you can see from the photos how nice it is here and the water is all blue and green.

I only have a day left now to work and after that I have 3 weeks holiday. With it being so warm I have to focus on making bears and September is going to be here sooner then I want, aaahhh...

Well I think I will have time to relax a little and still make bears. The summer in Sweden isn´t that long so I have to enjoy the most of that too....