Thursday, 6 August 2009

15 years...

Today me and my husband has been married for 15 years. Yes, I know that is a very long time and my husbands answer to this is: I would have got less time for murder....He was just joking and it was quite funny.
We met when we were both on holiday with our friends on Corfu back in 1993. He spotted me on the beach his first day down there( I was there 2 days before him). And we meet again later that night... He came up to me and started to talk and we spent all the days together after that. Three days after meeting he asked me the BIG question and my answer was yes.
I went home after that not knowing if I would ever see him again and he was there for another week. When he got home to England he got on the phone and phoned me and I went ove to see him again. And from that we have been together all the time. AAAAHHHHhhhhh.....