Thursday, 26 November 2009


I have created a new little girl called Annabelle.

Can you tell that I have been inspired by December and everything that comes with this month?

She is really lovely in her bright red colour. She has got a scarf around her neck and there are some red, green and white colours in it. It is tied together with some white roses.
I hope you like her and if you would like to adopt her, just send me an email.

I would like to ad, that after a second look, Annabelle looks a bit orange in the photo..and I just want to let you all know that her colour is RED and not anything else. She was a bit tricky to take a photo of.....
Have a super day!


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I have been nominated in BBAA

I am so happy to share with you the news that I have been nominated in the "British Bear Artist Awards 2009".
I am dancing happy dance here at home and I can´t believe that I made it to the final.
Here are some photos of my entry.

Miss Ellie Red Hood

Many hugs

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tova and Christmas ornaments

I waited and waited for some sun but did it show itself?? No!
So I took the photos anyway and I think that they turned out alright.;0)

I have a new bear up for adoption and her name is Tova. She is really nice in her colours and the mohair was so nice to work with.
I hope that you will like her and if you are intersted in adopting her just send me an email.

I have been busy too making Christmas ornaments as you know and I hope that you will like them.... If you buy one, I will pack it really nice in a box.

Have a nice weekend!!!

Many hugs

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Soon.. ( I hope)

The days have gone fast since I wrote last. I have been working on a new bear that is going to have it´s debute soon and some Christmas ornaments as well.
They turned out really good so I hope that you will like them.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I look forward to it so much. But as every year there are a million( well, it feel´s like it) things to do before Christmas Eve. And I stress a (little) to have everything perfect and done... that is not really what Christmas is about but do you know what I mean? Do you stress too?

Anyhow all I am waiting for now is some sun so I can take the photos. The weather has been so grey and gloomy lately and there have been so much rain. Sigh....

So please be patient and I will do my best and speak to the weather gods for some sun now.
Have a niceday!


Thursday, 5 November 2009


I have decided to put a teddybear that is very special to me up for adoption.

I am talking about Jace that came on 3rd place in a German competition this year. So if you would like to give him a really nice home then he would be happy to travel to you!
You can read more about Jace on my website, and if you would like to adopte him then send me an email.
Have a nice day!

Many hugs

Sunday, 1 November 2009

It was wonderful!

Well, I am back again and did we have a nice time???? YES!!!!!
As you probarbly know me and my husband went to a spa a bit up in Sweden. It took about 2 hours to drive there but the time went fast. We arrived at 4 o´clock yesterday and I couldn´t wait to get in the water...
It was so nice and warm and not too many people either. I like swiming and I think I did it for an hour...or more....Then we had a drink next to the pool and it was relaxing just sitting there doing nothing.
We had a nice dinner in the evening and we dressed up and it felt special doing that. (We don´t get out very often LOL). But the food was lovely and they even played live music in the backround.
Today in the morning we had a massage and I loved it! After that we walked on the beach as the spa is located on a beach. The wind was cold but it was still really nice!
Then we went to the pool to swim some more before it was time to drive home again, even though I could have stayed problem!

I enjoyed this weekend so much and going to the spa was everything I hoped for. I am all relaxed now and I feel so good!
Our children were happy to see us again and they have now decided that next they are coming as well!!!!!