Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Happydance and a gift for me...

I am so HAPPY to tell you that Miss Ellie Red Hood got the 2nd place in the British Bear Artist Awards 2009!!!

I didn´t think that she would do so well so it was a really nice surprise.

If you are going to the Hugglets Show in London in February, she will be there to show off herself as I will get her back then.

There was a parcel for me today in the post and lucky me it was a Christmas ornament from Linda Benson (Benson Bears).

This is a picture that Linda took before sending it to me.
It has been traveling all the way from Tasmania!
It is the smallest bear I have seen and I am really amazed that she can make bears so small!!!!
She has done a wonderful work and I am so lucky to have it. It is hanging on the best place on the Christmas tree. Thank you so much Linda!!!
Well I am of out to shovel some snow as it snowed all last night. Sigh..
Have a nice day!