Monday, 9 February 2015

Happy and working

Hello all! I have some news to tell you but first I would like to share that I got a TOBY industry’s Choice Award this year. So happy about that!! I hope you will support me when the voting starts.

As some perhaps know, I am going to London in less then 2 weeks to attend the Hugglets Show. Lots of bears will be coming with me and of course there will be a preview. I am hoping to have that in the end of this week. Three weeks after London, I am going to a show in Germany ( Wiesbaden). Very exited about it as I have never attended a show in Germany before and I am very happy to have one of my bears nominated there as well. In April I am off to Germany again for the Teddybear Total. So a lot to do, but I love it and I hope you will come and say hi if you are going to any of the shows.
Have a great evening!