Saturday, 30 January 2016


Omg, has it really been that long since I updated the blog? Are you still out there waiting for me? I hope so! This time of the year is always really busy with me doing the only show I do "in person". In February it is time again for the Hugglets show in London. I hope to see you there and of course it will be a preview too. So what has happened since the last time then? Well I am very happy to let you know that I have won a TOBY Industry´s Choice Award for 2016. Very pleased about that. And apart from that I have been working on a new design too, with my old style face and a new body. And what else? Oh yes, I have joined instagram. I have just started but you are welcome to follow me there. You can see the new bear there! That is all for now, have to get back to the bears. But now you know that I am still here and I hope you are too! :)

Bear hugs