Saturday, 12 December 2009

3:e Avent and.... she comes.....Lucia

She wakes up early on the 13th of December. This is the day when she is going to be the Lucia and she will dress up in a special white dress with a red lace around her waist.
She puts on the crown of candels and begins her round to sing to a lot of people. Behind her the girls and boys starts to walk slowly after her. They too have white dresses but without the crown. They sing with her about Christmas and this is the beginning of the beautiful holiday.

Many years ago there was a believe that this was a very dangerous night with a lot of supernatural forces out. You used to believe that the animals could talk during the Lucia night. Because of this a lot of people stayed in and were too afraid to go out.

It is so nice to hear and see the Lucia and this is something that is special to Sweden. Even if it is Lucia today we can´t forget to light the 3rd candle.

I hope you will all have a wonderful Sunday. Myself I am off to see the Lucia and listen to her voice singing about Christmas.

Many Hugs