Thursday, 20 August 2009

Busy, busy...

Ooohhh, it has almost been a whole week since I posted last!! Time is really flying by for me at the moment! So many things are happening this week. I do have the week of from work so my plan was to make bears....
Well, that changed quite quickly.
I went to a concert in Malmö earlier in the week and I have been to a festival too, very nice.
It is my mums bithday this week, and it is a big party as she is turning even.
So my dad is coming to stay, he lives in Holland, and my brother is coming down from Norway where he works. And where is the party going to be??? Yes at my place as that is biggest. So that means cleaning, shopping and organising every thing.
So you have to forgive me for not writing recently.
But I will put my preview for the Hugglets Show up soon. I think it will be next week.
So until next time...
Have a nice weekend!