Friday, 8 January 2010

Back to normal soon

The days are just flying by for me. If I am not at work I am doing my bears and then there are so much to do with the kids and family. At least the children are going back to school on Monday so it will proberbly go back to normal again after that.
It is still SO cold here, I think today it will be -11 outside! And that is cold for where I live! I better stay inside today...

Well, I have now finished all the bears that is going to be on the Valetine Show in February. I think that I will put together the sneak peak next week so pop back here if you want to have a look...
Then I am working on all the bears that are going to travel with me to London soon as well. So you can see that I am busy bee.
I have been think that it is time that I have a blog give away too sometime. But I am not sure at the moment when so you will have to wait on that I am afraid.
So long for now!