Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I am back!

I had an amazing time in London!!!!!The weather on the Saturday was so warm and wonderful. I arrived in London at noon and after being at the hotel we (me and my mum) went out to see the shops and Picadilly Circus. We got a glimt of the Palace of Westminster too. We were pretty tired in the evening so it was an "early" night that day.

In the morning of the BIG day I was starting to get a bit nervous and I usually don´t get like that...But the day went so well and I spoke to a lot of artist and collectors. It is really my favorite day of the year!!!!
I had a bit of unluck as the lamp that I was going to put on the table got broken on the flight to England. I got a bit worried that it would look a bit too "dark" but there wasn´t much I could do about it...:0(

A lot of my bears found new homes and some bears went to Abracadabra bears of England and some to a shop in Japan. It was so nice to see everybody and I did my best to go around and see the most of you. But at the same time you don´t want to be gone from your table too long...
So if I didn´t see you or missed you at the show, sorry.

I want to say a big thank you to everybody that adopted a bear or two and thank you for all the nice comments. It really makes me so happy to hear it and I appreciate it so much!
More good new is that I have been contacted by a magazine from Holland that wants to do an articel about me and my bears. Happy dance here....

I will post more about it later.
Have a nice day and once again thank everybody!