Saturday, 13 June 2009

What happened?

The summer started of well in May and the weather was so warm and nice...Now when it is June and suppose to be even warmer, the rain in coming down and it is so windy. This is exactly how the summer was last year and the warmth never came back before Autumn. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that it will change soon. I look forward to the summer the most as the Autumn and Winter are sooooo long and cold. I have to look forward and not think about the weather too much as there is nothing I can do about it any way....
I think I have to start getting ready for the two show coming up, both in September and only a week apart. September will proberbly be here sooner than I want so it is best to get started now. There are so much that have to be finnised so this is what I will be concentrate on.
Closer to the Shows, first "Who is who in Bear-Making" and then The Hugglets Show in London, I will put up a preview here on my blog.
Have a nice weekend!