Monday, 7 June 2010

Really lovely!

We had a wonderful weekend here with lots of sunshine and warm breeze...
It was so lovely that we went down to the beach Saturday evening.

We live close to the sea so it only takes about 15 minutes to drive there. I really love to walk by the sea, it is so relaxing.

I am only working an othere two weeks before having a week off, I hope the weather will be as nice then....

Today the rain is poring down and there is no sunshine so it is time for bear making instead!



Petra Giheden said...

Provar att kommentera.... Du har en jättefin sida nu ju, verkligen proffsigt!! Är strandbilderna verkligen äkta?? Ser galet skönt ut. Vill se din nalle-verkstad irl någon gång, verkar så mysig. Ses o hörs snart!!'


Tatkis said...

What a wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!

Best wishes,