Monday, 5 October 2009

I am here again...

I am back! With lots of new energy and feeling much better...
So, I have started with doing some changes on my blog. What do you think? I am not sure if it is too dark and maybe you will see some changes again. I don´t stop until I am completly happy with it. :0)
So what else has happened?
Well, I have worked on a bear that I will put on my website and blog. I am very happy with him and he will have a lower adopting fee...!!!!

I have been working on a prim bear as well, it feels like forever but at last she nearly finished now. I feelt that I wanted to do something completly different from my bears so I would be very happy to have some feedback when you see her....I just have to do her a dress and put the legs on her. So please be patient....

I have 2 bears that is going to travel to a shop around the world, not all done but I am getting there.
I will put some pictures of them as soon as I can here.
And there are more bags to be done too, so you see I haven´t been all relaxing!
I will try and take the photo of the bear that will have the lower adopting fee later. The weather has not been good at all for so long now. Over the weekend we a storm and with that it came a lot of rain, so I am hoping for some sun today. Fingers crossed!
Until then...

Lots of hugs


Federbärchen said...

Hi Ann-Marie,
it´s fine to hear that you are back! I like the changes on your blog very much! For me the background isn´t to dark at all, I prefer it to that one before! I hope you are satisfied with the new design, too, Because you write you don´t stop until you are completly happy with it!
Big hugs from Claudia

Ann-Marie Dodd said...

HI Claudia

Yes, I think that I will stick with this one for now. It has grown on me!