Thursday, 8 October 2009

How does there mind work?

Some weeks ago my husband decided that we should go to a spa futher up in Sweden. I was so happy about it as I have never been to a spa before, but always wanted to go to one.
So we decided that as soon as I have a weekend off from work we where going there and treat ourself. I haven´t stopped thinking about it since I found out that we were going, I am all excitied...

Some days ago when we where out with the dog in the evening he said: -Shouldn´t we take the children as well to the spa? I looked at him and couldn´t say anything for 10 seconds... Then I said: -Are you out of your mind????? Take the children as well???
Don´t you understand that this is our time together (we don´t get this very often)...
This is MY(our) time to relax, thinking about ME(us), for once!...????
I think that he understood as I haven´t heard anymore about it...LOL

Am I being selfish???? I don´t want to be, I just want some ME time...



Laenesbärchen said...

You are not selfish at all. Nevertheless, time for itself or common time is great. Even if one his children loves ... always they must not be present. Nevertheless, one is still a pair and not only parents.
A nice week-end and lots of love from the village iris

Ann-Marie Dodd said...

Thank you Iris and have a nice weekend!!!