Thursday, 10 September 2009


I am an orginized person that likes to have everything done in advance. Like being in control but NOT a control freak! So why am I still running around to get everything finished before I go? My plan was to have everything done before today so I could relax a little....That plan is gone!!!!

There are so many things to do so I feel that I have to stay up late tonight. There has been a lot happing this week, like work, and then there has been parent meeting at school etc. So it hasn´t just been teddy bear things.
Well, enough for now, I have to get back to finishing everything. You will know tomorrow if I did everything in time or not....;0)



Heather said...

Good Luck!

It always seems to go that way... you have lots of time and lots of time and lots of time... and then WHAM!

That clock practically squishes you.

I'm sure you'll do great getting things done though :) So no worries!

Federbärchen said...

Hi Ann-Marie,
I wish you a wonderful "mini-holiday" in London! I am sure you will enjoy the fair and your bears will all get a new home! I will look on your blog when you come home to know how Hugglets did go!
All the best wishes for you and your bears! Claudia

Ann-Marie Dodd said...

Thank you so much Heather and Claudia!!!
I am still working on things but I had to check my blog....
Your nice comments means so much to me and I feel a lot calmer now.

Laenesbärchen said...

Ich wünsche Ihnen ganz viel Erfolg und bin sicher, dass diese bezaubernde trägt Ihre Liebhaber finden wird.
Lots of love aus dem Dorf Iris

Ann-Marie Dodd said...

Hi Iris
You put me on the spot here writing in German!! Ha,ha. But I think that I got it. I did learn German in school but that was a very long time ago....time to get into it again.;0)
Thank you!