Friday, 4 September 2009

Come and join us!

The fine art of teddy bear making

I just want to remind everybody about the online show that starts tomorrow! It is going to be so much fun, I love to do shows... and I hope that you will like the bears when you get to see them.....

I will be at the computer during the 6 hours both days as long as the shows goes on. So if you got any questions or maybe you just want to chatt, I will love to hear from you!
You can go in HERE to check when the shows starts at your time and any other information.
I hope to see you "there".



Laenesbärchen said...

I have found your Blog by other sides and am inspired what for charming bears I have found. Wonderfully. I had to take up you simply directly on my Blog in the Sidebar.
All the best and dear village greetings

Ann-Marie Dodd said...

Hi Iris

Thank so much for your kind words!!!I will check out your blog too!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Pilland said...

Your report is very interesting indeed.
I invite You to see my site
containing a rich collection of photos of political borders from all the world.
My gallery of my handicrafts is
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy!