Saturday, 29 August 2009

Two more girls for Hugglets

I have finished two more teddy bears for the HUGGLETS SHOW. I wish I could show them to you right now but it is raining outside today so I can´t take any photos so you have to be patient. I am working on the last bear at moment for the show, after that there are some bags to be done. And then after that I am doing my bussiness cards, I like to do them myself.
So there are still things to do even though the bears are done(almost).
I can´t beleive that the online show is next weekend and then after that it is time to go to London. But it is going to be fun and I hope that you have marked your calender for both events....
Have a nice weekend!



Federbärchen said...

Hi Ann-Marie,
it is really hard to be patient knowing that you have finished two new bears! But I promise I will look daily until I know the new ones :-)! I hope the sun will shine tomorrow so you can take the pictures!
Hugs from Claudia

Ann-Marie Dodd said...

Hi claudia
I promise I will take the photos as soon as I can. The forcast for the next couple of days is cloudy and rain but hopefully there will be some sun as well. Fingers crossed.....